25 05 2024 • MILAN


Our Love Story

Guinness, Lockdown & many Airports

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Wedding greenery bouquet. Eucalyptus brances.
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The Wedding Day



Friday 24th May

19:00 - 23:00

Associazione ​Salumi e Vini ​Naturali

Corso Garibaldi 41



Saturday 25th May

12:30 - 13:30​

Chiesa S. Giovanni​

Robecco sul​ Naviglio (MI)​



Saturday 25th May

13:30 - 00:00​

Villa Gaia Gandini​

Robecco sul​ Naviglio (MI)​

Abstract Speckles
Abstract Speckles
Wedding greenery bouquet. Eucalyptus brances.


The detailed organization of a complex operation

How to get

to Milan

For our friends coming from ​Spain or Dublin, we ​recommend arriving at ​either Linate (LIN) or Milan ​Bergamo (BGY) airports, as ​it will be more convenient to ​reach the city from these ​airports.

From the

Airport to Milan

Good news! All Airports are well connected to the city.

From LIN (15 mins)

Take the metro M4

From BGY (45 mins)

Take the bus to MI Centrale

From MPX (50 mins)

Take the train Malpensa Express or the Bus to Milano Centrale

Hotel & Airbnb

Milan city center can be quite expensive so we recommended you reserve your accommodation as soon as possible!

Best areas are:

  • Porta Garibaldi
  • City Life
  • Isola

How to get to the Venue

You can get to the venue by ​car and park at the Villa:

"Via Giacomo Matteotti 26, ​Robecco Sul Naviglio"

Or by Private Bus leaving at ​10:30 sharp from:

"Stazione di Porta Garibaldi"

RSVP if you need to take ​the bus!

PS: Taxi are expensive!

Money is not important

but it can magically teleport us to the sunny beaches of the ​Maldives!

ES23 0049 5113 4421 9683 2801

We hope

to see you there!

We hope

to see you there!

Please confirm

your attendance